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Building Materials: Cabinets, Sinks, Bases;  Lumber, Wood Moulding;  Paint, Brushes, Abrasives;  Sheet-Rock, Plywood;  Doors, Weatherstrip, Saddles;   Adhesives;  Ceramic Tile, Floor Tile, Ceiling Tile;  Insulation

Electrical: Bulbs, Ballasts, Batteries;  Wire, Extension Cords;
Outlet Switches, Sockets and Plates;  Light Fixtures; Fuses, Circuit Breakers; Motors (all types), V-Belts

Garden Items: Sprinklers; Garden Tools; Hoses

Hardware:  Locks, Padlocks, Hinges, etc.; Fasteners, all types;  Window Guards, Security Hardware;  Wheels, all types; Window Shades, Sash Balances

Hard - to - Replace Items: Older Light Fixtures;  Parts for Stoves, Ovens;  Parts for Refrigerators, Freezers

Janitorial Supplies: Bags (Garbage/Recycling/Mattress Disposal [new NYC Law as of Dec. 2010]);  Chemicals, Insecticides;  Detergents, Cleaners;  Cleaning Chemicals;  Mops, Brooms;  Shovels, Snow Removal;  Gloves;  Tapes, all types

Made - to - Order Items:  Signs (NYC/State required & Custom), Letters, Bulletin Boards; Mini-Blinds

Miscellaneous: Chairs, Tables;  Office Products;  Rain Suits, Boots;  Rubber Products;  Housewares

Plumbing: Valves (water, air); Copper Tubing, Sweat Fittings;  Faucets;  Toilet Tanks, Bowls, Seals; Galvanized Pipe, Fittings;  Pipes, Specialties;  Brass, Fittings, Tubular Products (Galv./Black/Brass)

Tools: Electric Drills, Bits; Air Drills, Bits; Hand Tools, all types; Ladders; Seasonal Tools (Garden, Snow Removal)
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